Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc.

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^ Dimension ^ of space required, facing patrons (including tie downs)

2019 Artisans Application

Pick one or both Weekend(s) below for which you will be attending: 

Saturday June 23rd and Sunday June 24th _____

Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st     _____ 

Faire Hours: 10AM -6PM Saturday & 10AM - 4PM Sunday

(No packing or leaving before 4pm Sunday)

Faire Location: 5275 Monument Point Road Egg Harbor, WI. 54209 

Contact / Mailing: /

Gerald kuehn 5226 Monument Point Rd. Egg Harbor WI 54209 Phone # 1-920-743-4671

 Please print clearly, type or copy/paste

Owner Name(s):_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Business Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

City:_____________________________________________________________ State: _____________  Zip: _______________________


Web -Site Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Facebook: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Etsy or other: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Approximate date & time arriving: (check in at main gate & collect your packet):  _______________________________________

Check in: 10AM. If no one is at the gate to greet you, Please Call number on this application, save in your contacts, please stay parked, DO NOT DRIVE IN. Someone will come out to greet you & hand you your packet first then show you where your sight will be. 

ARTISAN Tent description:

EZ-UP______ CANVAS ______ REN. PERIOD, PANTHER PERIOD ______ OTHER DESCRIBE______________________________________


ARTISAN Booth fee:  Make Check payable to: DCRDG Inc./send to: Gerald Kuehn 5226 Monument Point Rd. Egg Harbor WI 54209 

10x10 tent 1 weekend $75 ,,,,,, ______  10x10 tent 2 weekends $150,,,,,, ______

10x20 tent 1 weekend $150,,,, ______  10x20 tent 2 weekends $300,,,,,. ______

10x24 tent 1 weekend $175……. ______  10x24 tent 2 weekends $350………. ______

Food tent, 1 weekend $150,,,,. ______  Food tent, 2 weekend $300,,,,,,., ______

There will be no adjustment for one day vending, including both weekends.

 FYI: We do not want this faire to resemble a flee Market. We encourage that all participating do their best to add as much warmth, creativity in their area as possible. The Best dressed booth space along with your name will be recognized on our FB page photo cover for 1 month.

Artisans: Special request for location will be considered, but not guaranteed for 2019.


*Appropriate costume required (Renaissance, fairy tale, just all around creative). *NO smoking in faire grounds (parking lot is ok, but away from ticket booth area, Period Pipes & tobacco are allowed). *NO selling drug paraphernalia *NO 21st Century items on display. All weapons must be piece tied at all times.

*NO PETS ALLOWED POLICY is in Effect.. NO EXCEPTIONS. [ Certified Registered Service Dogs Only permitted, certified papers & must have fitted vest on at all times


Artisan Merchants tents, Food Merchants and Encampments, May stay up during the week in between event weekends. However the DCRDG, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage due to weather, animal or theft. 

The grounds will close on the last Sunday at (9:00PM). Please let us know if you need extended time to break down, or needing to stay on through Monday, specify on this application above.


All Artisan Merchants will be responsible for any & all State & Federal taxes, required licenses / permits


Publicity: ALL posters, press releases, media contracts publicizing, as well as photographs taken by Faire Committee Members, or volunteers before or during the Faire of Artisan(s) and or their employees or members (including minors) may be used by the Faire Committee for promotional purposes (including posters, flyers, bulletin boards, web-sites, newspapers, etc.) by the Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc.


Limits of Liability: The door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc., the Faire Committee, the Faire owner & Host (Kuehn Acres) are not responsible for any loss or damage to items left overnight. In consideration of the Artisan(s) being allowed to participate in the Door County Renaissance Faire, the Artisan(s) hereby takes action for him/herself, executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns as follows: Artisan(s) agree to hold the Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc., the Faire Committee members, and the Faire host (Kuehn Acres), harmless in the event of accident, injury, or damage to property or individuals. Artisan(s) waives, releases, and discharges the Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc. The Faire Committee members, the Faire host (Kuehn Acres), their staff, volunteers, agents and representatives from any and all liability for death, personal or property injury or damage, disability, theft or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to Artisan(s) during participation in or during travel to and from the Faire. 


Indemnification: Artisan(s) further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the entities or persons mentioned in the previous paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as the result of any action of the Artisan(s) or their employees during the Faire.


Violations of the Agreement: The Door county Renaissance Development Group, Inc. reserves the right to remove or deny future participation in the Door County Renaissance Faire to any Artisan(s) or other participant who willfully violates the agreement or any local, state, or federal law, harasses other participants or visitors, or otherwise disrupts the event. Signing below indicates you have read and understand that you and your staff will abide by the rules set forth by the Producers of the Door County Development Group, Inc. in this contract.


____________________________________________________________________________           _____________________________

Signature of Owner / Representative                                                                                                                Date



PLEASE, Check to be sure you have completed and enclosed the following and



______ Signed Artisan(s) Application Form - agree to adhere

______ Artisan(s) Fee for one and or both weekends


DCRDG, Inc. Processing Information: please send check with full amount due with application, {do not} send separately.

Do not write in this space.

DATE RECEIVED  _________-_________-__________ FEE $ _____________ CHECK# _____________ PAID IN FULL yes[   ] no[   ]

APPROVED BY_____________________________________________________________________________


DCRDG, Inc. takes place surrounded by a Nature Preserve, please respect the area. Leave your space cleaner then when you came.