Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc.

2018 Performer’s Contract

Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1  
Faire Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday & 10 AM - 4 PM Sunday (no packing up & leaving before 4 PM Sunday)

Faire Location: 5275 Monument Point Road Egg Harbor, WI 54209  
Contact: Laura Sunila W202 N10110 Lannon Rd, Colgate Wi, 53017  

Phone: (262)255-3458 

type or write clearly below

Performer(s) Name of Group:_____________________________________________________________________________________ 

Contact Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


City:____________________________________ State: _______Zip: _____________ Phone:__________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Web-site Address:______________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Facebook:_______________________________________________  Etsy:_________________________________________________


Performer(s) agrees that the Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc. (DCRDG, Inc.) may make use of, and permit others to make use of their tapes, voices, pictures, visages, and other likenesses of Performer(s) for the purpose of advertising, publicizing and promoting the event.  
*Number of Shows: Sat___________ Sun__________per day/Amount of time required:_________________ Include selling product.

*Performer(s) agree(s) to appear both weekends unless otherwise noted in this contract.   
*Please CHECK both: Will you be Present at Opening Gate Yes _____ No _____Will you be Present at Closing Gate Yes _____ No _____  
Performers may sell CD's, DVD's, T-shirts & other souvenirs specified only during time allotted directly after show. Yes _____ No _____

Products will NOT be permitted to be sold between shows. Only directly after your performances. We will give you 30 minutes for selling your product. Be considerate for the next performers time slot, DO NOT go over your specified time given. A vender space adjustment fee of $150 will be charged or removed from the original contract agreement, and a possible removal of performer(s) from being able to entertain at the DCRF in the future.


*Specify all merchandise that performer will be selling, spell clearly, or copy & paste:

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


All Entertainment utilizing fire, equestrian, weapons, rides, physical audience interaction Must have Proof of Liability Insurance Yes _____  

Please send copy for proof of insurance along with your contract.


PAYMENTS: DCRDG, Inc. agrees to pay performer(s) on the last Sunday weekend immediately following performances - 1 payment in the amount of: _______________________ July 1st 2018 for 2 weekend performances. The Coordinator or Treasurer of the DCRDG, Inc. will pay by check covered by this contract. Performers are responsible to collect their checks at the front West gate ticket booth directly after the closing of the faire unless otherwise determined. [If you will only be at the fair for 1 weekend, please specify in this contract what weekend that will be below on the lines given] Performances generally take place, rain or shine. In the event that weather conditions prevent the performer(s) from safely presenting their show, then be prepared for an alternate program which must be substituted to the DCRDG, Inc. or will adjust the performer fee accordingly. This will only be in some extreme unforeseen situations, the DCRDG, Inc. may choose to close the event for safety reasons, such as a widespread or national financial, military, or other crisis, making the day’s performing contract null and void unless otherwise specified here. 

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Additional terms required by either the performers OR DCRDG, Inc.******

DCRDG, Inc. Non Profit will not be responsible to find or pay for lodging, travel costs or 1 per day meals to 'paid' performers. 

There is free camping on the Kuehn property, showers / laundry if desired at the Harbour Village Resort and Campgrounds, they are offering 20% off discount and 1/2 off for those who book on line only. These provisions need to be booked as soon as possible. Check our page on 'Lodging Suggestions'

Faire Rules: 

• NO sunglasses - Prescription glasses are acceptable

• NO cigarette/cigar smoking – This applies to both your booth and on festival grounds between 10 AM - 6 PM (period style (clay) pipes & tobacco are permitted but NOT in the woodlands) 

• NO selling drug paraphernalia

• NO watches or other 21st Century items on display.  Drugs/Alcohol - Performers agree to refrain from illegal drugs AND alcohol consumption prior to the beginning of the Festival Day until after Closing Gate.  Performers shall recognize that the Door County Renaissance Faire is considered a "Family Friendly Show" and will refrain from swearing and/or sexually explicit language both during their shows and in street theater situations. Innuendo is acceptable, but check with Faire Coordinator(s), should you have any questions regarding this.


Limits of Liability: The DCRDG, Inc., the Faire Committee, the Faire host (Kuehn Acres) are not responsible for any loss or damage to items left overnight. In consideration of the Performer(s) being allowed to participate in the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire, the Performer(s) hereby takes action for it/him/herself, executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns as follows: Performer(s) agree to hold the DCRDG, Inc., the Faire Board and Committee members, and the Faire host (Kuehn Acres), harmless in the event of accident, injury, or damage to property or individuals. 


Performer(s) waives, releases, and discharges the DCRDG, Inc., The Faire Board and Committee members, the Faire host (Kuehn Acres), their staff, volunteers, agents and representatives from any and all liability for death, personal or property injury or damage, disability, theft or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to Performer(s) during participation in or during travel to and from the Faire.  
Indemnification: Performer(s) further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the DCRDG, Inc., the Faire Board and Committee members, and the Faire host (Kuehn Acres), from any and all liabilities or claims, damages and expenses asserted against or incurred by the Event made by other individuals or entities as the result of any action or inactions of the Performer(s) or their employees during the Faire. This obligation of the Performer(s) shall survive the termination, completion or expiration of this signed agreement.  
Violations of this Agreement: The DCRDG, Inc. reserves the right to remove or deny future participation in the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire to any Performer(s) or other participant who willfully violates this agreement or any local, state, or federal law, harasses other participants or visitors, or otherwise disrupts the event. Signing below indicates you have read and understand that you and your staff will abide by the rules set forth by the Producers of the DCRDG, Inc. in this contract. 


Owner/Representative ___________________________________________________________________ Date ________________     

                                          (Legally signing for every member of performing group) 
Festival Representative __________________________________________________________________ Date _________________        

                                          for Door County Renaissance Development Group, Inc.