Frequently asked Questions


Q: Why is the festival canceled for 2019?
A: It takes many hands to make any event happen. VOLUNTEERS and BOARD MEMBERS for our festival are greatly needed to continue in the Door County community in the future. Anyone interested in becoming a part of our festival family on a dedicated & permanent basis, then please go to our volunteer page and fill out the form as detailed as possible. We are still looking for at least 30 people. Firm, permanent & dedicated volunteers. We do not have that number as of January 1st of 2019. We have close to 10, & they have not fully committed for the 2 weekends that the festival runs.

Q: What will be required as a volunteer?

A: When it is dry enough to go onto the property in the spring, leaves need to be cleared from the paths, vending area, stages. Leaf blowers are the quickest way. Branches/sticks piled on side of paths to be taken to the owners farm or in the woods by the Labyrinth path. Always painting, (signs, picnic tables, stages, stage seating areas, ticket booth, information booth) etc. If needed replacing of boards at stages.

B: During the faire: we need food court help 2 shifts (3-4 servers, 3-4 chefs, 2 money changers), ticket booth 2 people each for west/east, 2 for handing out flyers morning shift & afternoon shift, information booth 2 people selling T shirts, water, soda, health station 1-2 person 2 shifts per day, as many men for maintenance as we can get lifting awkward or heavy items, setting up taring down, parking area for patrons (posts pounded in, string with flags placed, gate put up etc.

C: When faire is over putting everything away in storage, (close up stages, Information booth, Ticket booths, Gates taken apart and put back inside ticket booths) is usually done towards fall, tarps for stages go on last, not when it’s hot, for sake of mold setting in.

Q: Can we go any time to do these projects?

A: Yes as long as you ask the land owner in advance Jerry Kuehn 920-743-4671 /this # is also on the FB page click on “about” to the left of our home page, you can get to FB from this website.

Q: Where are you located?
A: 5275 Monument Point Rd, Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Q: What are your hours?
A: Saturday 10am to 6pm. Sunday 10am to 4pm

Q: What are your dates?
A: Saturday and Sunday (only) June 29-30 and July 6-7 2019 (Tentatively) Volunteers are greatly needed

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Sorry, NO pets of any kind are allowed to patrons, this is the request of the owner of the property. Those owned by vendors and entertainers as needed for exhibitions is allowed.

Q: What is the weapons policy?
A: Period appropriate weapons may be worn however all blades must be completely sheathed and peace tied at all times. NO firearms. Steampunk/cosplay/replica weapons/pistols are allowed but must also be peace tied. 

Q: Is there a cash machine/ATM available?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience but we do not have an ATM available onsite, there is however a ATM at the gas station on the corner of Monument Point Road, And of course bring plenty of cash for purchases and tips, We do accept credit cards at the gate and food court, Most artisans take credit although cash preferred, reception is sometimes an issue.

Q: Will alcohol be served at the Faire?
A: Yes we serve Beer, Mead, and Ale at the tavern near the Royal Stage and available to adults 21 or over with a valid ID.

Q: What if there is inclement weather?
A: The Faire will go RAIN or SHINE. HAZZAH!

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Parking is FREE! Each entry ticket cost $10 5 years olds and up. [Children 4 years old & under FREE]. Military & Veterans showing valid ID are FREE.  There is an additional nominal charge for some rides and games. Other costs to think about would be to take advantage and spend some time at seeking out those highly unique and original pieces of exquisite work from the hard working professional artisans who bring their one of a kind fine hand crafted item[s] to our festival.

Sample the delectable food, drink and deserts from our food vendors, and of course please show your appreciation to our ever so talented entertainers who have traveled a far to give you the best of their talent as well tips are appreciated. We Thank You so much for your Donation. We certainly can not have this faire with out our patrons.