Volunteer at the Door County Renaissance Faire


Become a part of our family!

Don’t just watch history – live it with us!  Were you born 500-800 years too late? Dreaming of being a Lord or Lady of the bygone era, or perhaps a pirate, fairy, mermaid, and so many other intrepid characters within your imagination? Consider becoming a part of this unique experience.

The Door County Renaissance Faire is staffed mainly by volunteers so that a large portion of the profits may be donated to local charities. Click on to our (mission) page for more information.

We're always looking for energetic people to join our team. Help bring the magic to life! Volunteering with the festival is a great chance to meet fascinating people, learn new skills, and see your efforts have an immediate impact on those around you. 

Experience is not necessary since many jobs simply require extra hands. 

Why Volunteer?

FREE PASSES to the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire!

If you volunteer or donate to work on preparation for the Faire or during the Faire itself, you will receive FREE passes for immediate family.

If you can’t help but know someone else who might be willing to pitch in, please pass this message along to them!

Contact us below through our volunteer application or to request more information.

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